FIFA 19 Release Date

FIFA 19 The Latest News, Release Date, Wishlist and More
This article will give you all the information you need to know about the Fifa 19 Release Date UK and we give you our thoughts on the past popular titles.


Following launch, FIFA 18 had made many big steps forward, but after a series of post launch game patches it had reduced many of the creative innovations previously introduced, FIFA 19 must avoid making similar mistakes in their efforts.

This reduction from FIFA caused an epic backlash from the online community, spawning the #fixFIFA campagin from some sections with a petition in the hope that EA would address these issues. The main issue that was taken by many, was that they were complaining they were mis-sold a product based on the FIFA 18 demo, allegedly claimed to being vastly different from the actual version of the game, following the post post launch.

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This wasn’t the only stumble of 2017 for EA – Electronic Arts. Star Wars Battlefront 2, in regards to the implementation of microtransactions proving to be a huge miscalculation, 2017 was not the year for EA. Hoping for a prosperous 2018, the companies biggest titles are coming back, and bigger than ever. Starting with the biggest sports game in the world.


Konami officially revealed PES 2019, and that their title will be arrive of August this year, EA cannot afford to receive two years of poor game reception – as now there is a viable alternative for gaming football fans.  

In keeping with this we have added a wishlist for what we want to see in FIFA 19. We will also summarise the latest news, trailers, gameplay and more as EA reveal more.

FIFA 19 Release Date

EA has not officially revealed FIFA 19 yet, but the launch date for the FIFA series has been consistent for a number of years now. You can expect FIFA 19 to launch in the last week of September.

EA had recently confirmed their plans for the E3 2018 show, but they did not confirmed the games they were going to preview at the event. Instead in the promotional information pack, the details outlined the latest “EA Sport titles” which is not surprising, but expect a large segment to be focussed on information and gameplay for FIFA 19 during the conference.

FIFA 19 Demo

In the weeks prior to the launch, EA will launch a demo of the game, proviing players with a chance to play single matched with a selected number of teams.

The demo for FIFA 18 was launched on September 12, 17 days before the full game was released, this trend would be expected to continue this year. The teams available in the FIFA 18 demo: Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus, Toronto FC and LA Galaxy. Clubs such as Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern and PSG have been featured in many demos, this is likely that they will make a welcome return.

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FIFA 19 The Journey

Included in the FIFA 18 demo, we received a snippet of the popular story mode, The Journey. There has been no confirmation from EA on whether The Journey will return in FIFA 19, but considering how great it’s been over the past two years, we certainly hope it does.

Alex Hunter has already experienced a wild ride in his short career already, so EA may decide to continue his story or follow an entirely new one.  

PES – UEFA Licence = FIFA get the Champions League?

UEFA had recently confirmed that their ten year association with Konami and the PES series will end after the conclusion of this season’s Champions League Final. This means that PES will no longer have the exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

With this basicialy being an open goal, could EA snap up the opportunity to tap in the presentation rights to UEFA’s biggest club competitions? It is likely too soon for the licenses to be included in FIFA 19, but the future is very exciting for FIFA fans.

FIFA 19 Wishlist

Stop Reversing Changes with Patches

It has appeared to be a common trend with FIFA games that they launched with drastic alterations which receive a strong response from their fanbase. The sweeping changes made in FIFA 18 were met with positivity and critical acclaim, yet the EA Sports creators felt they needed to wind their improvements back.

It would be nice this year if the developer stood by their guns and stuck with what they initially created, instead of using patches to minimise their impact. Let us hope that this year there will not be another #fixFIFA campaign.

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Introduce New Custom Tactics

This is a request that was created after FIFA 17, but we had no new D-PAD tactics in FIFA 18. FIFA are far behind PES in terms of customisation levels for tactics, offering very little in comparison and has had virtually the same default options for years.

It  would be good to see that we can finally create our own tactics, at the very least if the default options were to be varied slightly.

Another Playable Character/Hero for The Journey

Alex Hunter is still in his mid-20s and he has traveled to the States to rebuild his career, played for one of the biggest clubs in Europe and a table topping Premier League side – some of these events happened in the same season.

He has experienced a great deal, which leads us to think that maybe it’s time for someone else to have a turn in the spotlight.

We understand that the story is required to take us on a journey to the pinnacle of football in a relatively short time frame, but we believe that EA need to let The Journey breathe a little – just like a genuine rags to riches story would play out. If we could potentially follow a Jamie Vardy-esque story of playing through the lower leagues, getting scouted and transferring between multiple leagues until reaching a world class club.

Added Depth into Offline Modes

Introducing cutscenes for transfer negotiations in manager career was a perfect first step, but we want FIFA 19 to continue on this path by adding much more depth into their offline modes.

The scouting system could do with some much needed updating, perhaps we as the manager could scout players of our own and watch AI-controlled players that we would like to sign. Just like when a manager is spotted in the stands when watching another team play, and then after the game we can get a full scouting report and can conduct our negotiations from there.

Improvement of the media interactions would be useful as well, a full on press conference, pre and post match interviews and analysis. This would add to the immersion of the whole experience.

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