Fortnite Battle Royale Duo Strategy

Fortnite Battle Royale Duo Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Join a buddy and destroy the opposition with this practical guide.

This Fortnite Duo Strategy Guide contains heaps of useful strategy tips and tricks that can help you win the game as a Duo.

Gaming is better when it’s with your friends, and Fortnite Battle Royale is a game that embodies those words to a tee. When playing solo it can be a rather tense and lone wolf type of affair, but with a buddy it adds a different element of fun to the game.

Communication is key. Being able to fight, build and explore with an additional person requires a completely different strategy to that own a lone wolf in solos. You will have to build for one and other and fight enemies together, being geared up equally ready to explore the map.

So it boils down to variety of factors when it comes to playing with a friend, this is where we step in with this guide! By putting together a spread of tips and tricks which will aid you in dominating the game as a duo in Fortnite Battle Royale, including combat, building and positioning.

Editor’s UPDATE #1: As with our Solo Game Guide, we will be continually updating this post with tips and tricks, as we learn with the game and as Fortnite updates take place!

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Duo Tips and Tricks

Below are a few key pieces of advice that will level up your gameplay when pairing up next time in a game of duos.

Landing Location

Communicate with your team as to where you want to land in the pre lobby so that it is clear beforehand. Decide on one particular building that you would like to hit and then all proceed to land at that spot, then you can either take over that building together or you can split up you can find more loot per person.

You have to make sure that you land in the same relative location, call out what loot you’ve picked up and call for backup in case of enemies. Responding to call outs and looting chests quickly is vital to the success of your game.


If you happen to find yourself spotting a couple of enemies – or if you are under gunfire, call it to your teammate. Communicating is the best way to improve your gameplay when playing in a duo.

Keep your communication simple, try not to be too descriptive when attempting to describe where the enemy is. Keep it super simple: use the compass, what direction are the moving? Any key buildings nearby?

When in combat, a good tactic is to lay suppressive fire on the enemy while you call out their location to your teammate who can join and shoot them down. This applies to the destruction of structures too.

This is all easier said than done, as you cant prepare for everything that can happen in a fight, it’s all about working together and winging it to find the best course of action to win this battle. It may make more sense for one to flank around the enemy, or other times it may make sense to build a structure together to gain the high ground.

Use the advantage of the fact that there is two of you, think how you can now approach situations with two people to maximum effect.

Finally, you have to consider that more often that now, you will have to face two enemies at a time. Attempt to knock down one of them, then prepare to fight their friend and be vigilant for any flank moves.

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This is a short and simple section for reviving!

If you know that you have the time to revive your teammate – then go for it, if not ditch the situation and play for yourself from there and try to get the Victory Royale for the both of you! If you win the gun fight that happened to knock your teammate, then that is the perfect time to revive them and give them some meds if they need them.

Before attempting the revive, it is worth building a basic base around the two of you; 4 walls and a roof. This will provide protection to ensure that you don’t get shot by any enemies in the areas, or any that happen to be travelling by.


Always make sure that you are both farming as many materials as possible, whether this is chopping down trees when rotating around the map, or looting fallen enemies.

Like previously mentioned, communication is key when building with each other to make sure that you both know what you are building. Proving that you gathered enough while travelling, between two of you, you can build some amazing structures!

It can also be worth calling out what materials you have to your teammate. This way you can have an idea of how many materials your teammate has, topping them up if they are running low or backing them up by building when they run out.


When travelling it’s a good idea to keep some distance between the pair of you to ensure that you don’t get taken out together, this is also the same for looting and fighting. Also this be useful if you decide that you need to flank the enemy.

By being creative and flanking around to your destination, or just keeping that distance between the two of you, this forces the enemy to split their focus to take one each. This makes being able to deal with them a lot easier, because basically it’s a one on one!


Sharing is caring! Make sure that you help each other out when you loot an enemy by splitting some, this way you can both be equally equipped to destroy the enemy. Communicate your ammo, meds and materials counts to each other will let you know how many you have as a team.

Your inventories are variable, so make sure you share equipment and resources to become an ultimate duo!

As with our Solo Game Guide, we will be continually updating this post with tips and tricks, as we learn with the game and as Fortnite updates take place!

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