Fortnite Building Pro Controller Layout

Fortnite Builder Pro Controller Layout 

Fortnite Building on the default controller layout is in the past! The image shown below labels the controls for the “Builder Pro” layout. Now for those used to Combat Pro (the default), I will explain the difference. 

The two triggers and two buttons on the back end of the controller are used for the building process.

The way this controller layout works for building is that, when you press the button corresponding to the piece that you want to build, this selects it, by pressing the same button again to place it. 

(If the button is held then auto placement will commence allowing you to drag in any direction and place any building piece) 

    • The pastedGraphic.png button corresponds to placing stairs/ramps
    • The pastedGraphic_1.png button corresponds to placing a roof
    • The pastedGraphic_2.png button corresponds to placing a wall
    • The pastedGraphic_3.png button corresponds to placing a floor

Note: These controls are exactly the same on a PS4 controller.

Once selected though, you can place as many pieces after as you want using just one click per wall, as soon as you want to change the building piece you’ll have to double click that particular button, once to select the building piece and again to build the desired piece.

Don’t forget to check your resources! You don’t want to run out! ☹️

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