Fortnite Battle Royale Offensive Building

How to Build Offensively for Aggressive Gameplay ***KILLS***

Offensive building is what makes Fortnite’s take on Battle Royale unique. The ability to place a wall, ramp, floor or roof on pretty much any surface throughout the map can really come in handy when you come into contact with an opponent.

This post is going to give you an insight to how to build offensively when you are trying to up your kill count, or just to catch your enemy off guard and battle through to the end. For anyone using a standard controller on Xbox One or PS4, I advise you change your controller layout to Builder Pro. Click here to read our article on the Builder Pro Controller Layout.


First of all, if anyone reading this doesn’t understand the concept of rushing, I will explain it the best I can. If you already know what rushing is, you may want to skip this section and move onto the Ramp Rush section below.

Rushing is basically what it sounds like. A fast paced movement towards your opponent, whether they have seen you or not. This can be used to catch them off guard, or in an attempt to block them off from getting the higher ground before you.

Higher Ground

There’s no doubt that whoever has the high ground is at an advantage. If you’re someone who’s first instinct isn’t to build when in an engagement, you might want to rethink your strategy. For a start, building blocks off shots being able to hit you, maintaining your hit points as much as possible, leading to a longer life. As long as you have a higher position than your opponent, you will be able to get a better shot on them, whilst being able to slip quickly into the structure you have built.

My tips on getting the high ground will start with a simple, yet not so common scenario where you and an opponent are stood on the ground next to each other. 

  1. The first tip I have is to build, whether it’s offensive or defensive, BUILD! This will secure you in your own little fortress where you have the power to expand it wherever you can.
  2. Build a 1×1 square around your character, followed by a ramp in the centre.
    Fortnite Battle Royale 1x1 Fort
  3. Depending on what your opponent is doing at this point, you have one of two options:
          • If they aren’t building: Shoot them
          • If they are building/start building: Build higher. Follow the same procedure that is shown in step 2 to build up higher again.
  1. Keep in mind not to build too high because if someone knocks down your structure, you will fall to your death.
  2. Try to make sure that you can remember where parts of the structure are so if you fall, you can catch yourself with a ramp or a floor piece.


I like to use a blocking technique when trying to gain the higher ground. If someone is trying to build up to me, I will build a ramp over their head, so I can get onto of them instead of them reaching me.

Ramp Rushing

Ramp rushing is a completely different strategy in terms of building. You spot an opponent, and you get within a decent distance before you start building a ramp. As I am writing this, I realise that I can’t give you a direct approach to ramp rushing, rather a general strategy with a few different types of ramp.

Standard Ramp

A standard ramp consists of building a single ramp from the ground up to where your opponent is. If the enemy isn’t aware, all you have to do is aim down and shoot. If they are aware, you may have to do some more building. We will get into more strategies after each ramp is explained.

Fortnite Battle Royale Single Ramp

Pros: Quick and resource efficient
Cons: Easy to break down

Double Ramp

A double ramp is produced by making sure you start the bottom of the ramp with two pieces. This will give you more surface area to move around should your opponent try to take down your ramp. They will need to destroy two pieces next to each other to break down your structure.

Fortnite Battle Royale Double Ramp

Pros: More room to move about, less chance of structure being broken down
Cons: Uses extra materials

Reinforced Ramp

This can be performed as either a single or double ramp, keeping in mind that double ramp uses double the resources. A reinforced ramp is made by building a ramp as normal and then just as you are reaching the top of the ramp, build a wall piece below. This will create an extra layer for your enemy to destroy before they knock you down.

Pros: Less chance of being broken down
Cons: Uses extra materials

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