Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Game Guide

Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Consistently win more of your solo games with our ultimate collection of tips and tricks.

This Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Guide contains a variety of Strategy, Tips and Tricks which will ensure your path to becoming the last man standing!

Dropping solo in Fortnite Battle Royale can become pretty intense, let’s face it! It is basically you against the whole lobby with no one to carry you to victory and help you when it gets tough. This means that you can only count on yourself to get the job done, by looting and getting your gear stacked quickly, building the right structures and conquering enemies in battle.

In this post we will provide some simple and effective tips which will get you on the way to winning your first solo. This will be done by covering an array of everything that you may encounter in an average game of Fortnite Battle Royale, hoping that we can help you improve your gameplay experience!

UPDATE #1: Latched onto the bottom we have added some additional tips and tricks, we will continue to do this throughout the evolution of Fortnite Battle Royale! So make sure you save this page and come back to it for further tips and strategy advice!

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Solo Guide, Tips and Tricks

Read the following collection of points carefully and you will soon be on your way to securing more solo victories – or even your first!!

Pre-Game Lobby

  • Take advantage of the pre game lobby and choose where you are going to land as this will set the tone for how the rest of your match will go. Landing in a popular location like Tilted Towers will result in more fights, but with a greater chance of finding valuable loot.
  • Landing in a quieter spot will result in a greater chance of surviving early on, but you will need to aggressively seek out enemies and plan your route carefully in order to eliminate them and steal their loot.

Loot Chests & Ammo Crates

  • Every loot chest that you find, try to make a mental note of where it is for next time you land there, this will provide you with a greater chance of getting geared up quickly.
  • STOP leaving ammo crates, having a steady supply of ammo is essential when attempting to win a Battle Royale!


  • Ensure that you are harvesting materials when travelling between destinations, or if you have some free time until the circle relocates, chop down some trees or break down some walls!
  • RESOURCES = PROTECTION. By destroying trees, pallets, boulders and cars, you can gain an impressive amount of materials.

Encounters & High Ground

  • Be patient when facing your enemies, we know it is difficult not to panic when you spot someone! But it is important that you remain calm and figure out how you can put yourself in a greater position to win the gunfight with your opposition.
  • High ground is one of the greatest ways to gain an advantage on your opposition, if anything, it would be preferable to gain a height advantage in every fight you encounter.

Weapon Choice

  • If your main weapon (Scar, M4, M16) runs out of ammo, try switching to a secondary weapon to secure the elimination, if not find cover to reload as you don’t want to be vulnerable for the enemy to gain some shots on you!

The Storm

  • Deciding on how you are going to play the storm is another key tactic you must ensure you consider. If you are new to Fortnite Battle Royale, then we suggest that you chase the storm and consistley play around the edge, otherwise you could take the initiative over your opponents and find a good position before the storm starts closing. By doing this it will mean that the people closing in will be in a disadvantageous position to you and they will be trying to reach safety. Remember: Height = Advantage

Your Gaming Equipment

  • Buy a headset or turn your TV up and always be listening for footsteps, whether you are looting a building or travelling in the open. Without a headset you can have trouble hearing what exact location the enemy is in, but at least you know that you have to prepare for battle.
  • The more you play the more you’ll learn the different sounds. Footsteps on a roof have a different sound to footsteps on grass. There is a distinct different which allows you to track the player.

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Healing Up

  • Before you drink your shield potions, we recommend that you find protection – whether this be in a building or building a fort to surround yourself.
  • If you find a Shield Potion first and there is no threat around you, hold on to it incase you find some Mini Shield Potions. You should ALWAYS drink Mini’s before Shield Potions. This is because after your shield hits 50, you can no longer drink Mini Shield Potions.


  • Never be afraid to practice your building! During your fights or climbing a large hill, it’s all about muscle memory, so the more that you do it, the better you’ll become as it will be natural.
  • It is always worth checking your surroundings with random jump and turns in the air, anyone could be sneaking up on you!

Nearing The End

  • When you are down to roughly 15-10 contenders left, we recommend that you build a tall tower fort. This will provide protection, an observation point and that all important height advantage we discussed earlier.
  • Choose your fort location wisely! The highest point in the circle should be evaluated and you should make your way to it, whether there is an enemy up there or not. Be confident and push them as hard as you can!
  • Try not to play too passive and avoiding fights, finding a balance between taking a chance and exploiting opportunities to secure kills, and knowing when to play passive and move on. Without fighting the chances of finding decent loot is miniscule, this reduces the chance of winning more Fortnite Battle Royale solo matches!

Recommended Setup

  • The average setup should be: 1 Assault Rifle, 1 Shotgun, 1 Explosive weapon, 1 slot for shields and 1 for meds. This is a guideline and can be adapted to what suits you best.

Like we mentioned earlier, we will be continuously updating this page with new and improved tips as we learn with the game over time, so make sure you stay tuned!

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