Fortnite Battle Royale Squad Guide

Fortnite Battle Royale Squads Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Work as a team, win as a team.

This Fortnite Battle Royale Squad Tips, Tricks and Strategy guide contains a variety of points, all of which will help you and your squad achieving the Victory Royale!

Fortnite Battle Royale is a entirely new experience when you are playing with a group of your friends. When you are taking on the world solo, you only have to think about yourself, as long as the enemies are dead then all is okay. But when you have an extra three members to fight and defend with, it a whole new ball game.  

In the article below we have put together a brief guide that will highlight the key points that you need to consider when playing as a squad. Commonly with our other posts, communication is of utmost importance and will ultimately be the difference between the winners and the losers!

If you can stay on the same page as your team – even throughout the ever changing situations you may encounter – then you will vastly improve the odds of winning a game as a squad and securing the Victory Royale!

This is the final post of the game mode trilogy, you can see our Solo and Duo posts if you enjoy this one!

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Squad Tips and Tricks

This is our choice of strategy advice that will help you and you team rise to the top of the lobby and win as a squad.


  • Similarly to our other posts, communication is the key to a functional team. Spotting enemies and calling them out to your teammates, using information from the compass and which direction they are travelling, keep your descriptions to a minimal. Any key buildings or landmarks nearby?
  • Use your pre game lobby time wisely and discuss where you are going to land whether you are going to buddy up and split and how you want to play the match – aggressively or passively.

Call outs

  • While you are looting, make sure you call out what you have picked up and what you have dropped, so any of your teammates that might need an upgrade can get one. Provide ammo, weapons and meds to your teammates if they need them.

Gathering Resources

  • While travelling between points on the map, stay consistent in farming supplies and stock up – this is a must do!
  • Trees, pallets, cars and boulders are great sources of materials! Make sure that your squad is stacked up on resources to open up a variety of opportunities, which could possibly gain a competitive advantage over your enemies.

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Team Work

  • While it may be a good idea to stick together as a team, try to avoid running as one unit, instead keep some distance between each of you to avoid an explosive attack.
  • In a similar point to the one above, always be on the lookout for an opportunity to flank your enemy. This will force the opposing team into less fortunate situations, causing them to split their focus in order to protect themselves. It is funny to watch how teams can crumble once they are under attack, without knowing the direction in which it is coming from.  
  • It is better to leave two members to handle the building – unless you are under attack – as this will avoid confusion.
  • If your team engages in a firefight and suddenly teammates are being knocked down, it is important to focus on your game rather than rushing to save your fallen allies. Only go for the revive when you know that it is safe to do so, otherwise you’re just making yourself vulnerable to attack.

Being Cautious

  • Being that you are in a squads match, don’t become comfortable when you knock an enemy, the next one could be right around the corner!
  • If you knock an enemy and they are eliminated instantly then you know their team has been completely eliminated.

That’s the tips and strategy advice that we have for now, but as we continue to play the game and learn as the updates are released, we will be releasing a whole lot more! So make sure you bookmark this page and come back for your update and the latest strategy advice for Fortnite Battle Royale.

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