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Fortnite Battle Royale: New Stink Bomb

Are you ready to welcome a new throwable to the mix? The Stink Bomb is coming to Fortnite soon! Get ready to stink out your opponents!

Update Fortnite Battle Royale Stink Bomb

New Grenade

Soon there will be a new grenade in your arsenal! On impact, this stinky explosive will surround your target with a cloud of smoke which will slowly decrease their health.

We assume the grenade will decrease only your health and not your shield. The thoughts behind this are from that similar to a normal gas grenade. If you were to inhale poisonous gas, your protective clothing, or “Shield” would not be affected.

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These Stink Bombs could aid you with multiple avenues of decisions whilst in combat. Do you throw a grenade at a fort to force your opponent to move, leaving you with a clear shot? Or use it as a getaway measure?

This particular update won’t require a high amount of skill to use, in comparison to the jump pads that were recently added into the game where they need a bit more of an understanding to use in terms of trajectory and placement.

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