Fortnite Battle Royale Infinity Gauntlet Update

The Infinity Gauntlet

Jump into Fortnite Battle Royale to play as Thanos. You will need to find the Infinity Gauntlet first to become Thanos. Once you have managed to find the gauntlet, you will gain 300 armour and 700 health. Unfortunately, when you decide to grab the infinity gauntlet, you drop all of your equipment and gain powers through Thanos.

The Jump

On the plus side you will gain Thanos’ powers which will allow you to perform a super jump, soaring high in the sky giving you great visibility over the map. The downfall with this is that your character will need to charge their jump, leaving you vulnerable to shots for about 2 seconds before you take off. Don’t worry about anything getting in your way, if you’re deciding to jump from the bottom floor of a building, expect to see everything in your path minimise to nothing.

The Laser

Being able to shoot at someone from a distance gives you an advantage right? This laser is Thanos’ equivalent to shooting someone in my opinion. A huge purple beam comes from Thanos’ arm destroying everything in it’s path! The laser can be combined with the jump! The downfall to this is that you will be static in the air for the period of shooting the laser, leaving you prone to gunshots. This is a great way to be an arial attacker.

The Punch

The punch is your best bet at defeating a puny opponent, dealing 80 damage, it takes just 3 punches to destroy someone with full health and shield. The punch can also be combined with the jump! This allows you to soar sky high, find your target and immediately, fist forward, let gravity take you down to smash your enemy.

The Mechanics

So, you start with a good deal of health more than other players, rightly so, as you’re a superhuman with special abilities right? What happens when you get caught in the crossfire of a powerful assault rifle? You will take damage as normal, first starting with your armour. If you are unfortunate enough to lose all of your armour, then every hit point of damage taken from opponents will come off of your usual health. There is no way that you can replenish the green bar, so savour every last bit of it!

The blue armour bar on the other hand is capable of returning to 300! All you need to do is kill someone. Easy right? As soon as you eliminate an opponent, you will regain full shield. If you are unlucky enough to die, you will drop the Infinity Gauntlet where someone can pick up from your remains!

What are you waiting for? Jump into Fortnite and find that Gauntlet!

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